Move domain to Inleed

If you have a domain with someone else and want to transfer it to us, you can easily do so via the Customer Zone. It is important that you are prepared with information for your domain to be moved. To move the domain, you need to enter the EPP code/auth ID provided by your current provider.

Many international domains cost to move because these are automatically renewed for another year upon a move. You can see prices for moving here: domain prices

Start by logging into the Customer Zone: Kundzone

Then click on Move domain.

kundzon_flytt.png Here fill in the Domain name that you want to move in:


I next view you fill in the EPP/Auth ID for the domain to be moved in: kundzon_flytt3.png

OIf your domain is a .se domain or .nu domain, the move should be completed immediately. It is common for many of the international top-level domains to take about five days before the move is completed.

NOTE Keep in mind that nothing regarding the domain`s name servers or how it is pointed changes during a move. If you also want it to be pointed to, there is one more action you need to take. Here you can see how to change name servers for a domain: Change Name Servers